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 Supporting AFBK

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PostSubject: Supporting AFBK   Wed Jun 27, 2007 5:36 pm

Date: on 2007-06-27 at 16:25:43
Subject: You Honour me greatly
Dispatch: Noble Knight,
I do not carry restraints for friends.
What Crna guja does with the path he is shown are the choices he himself must make. I may only reccommend.
I would like you to think of this request I have for you.
I lead a guild that is a little different from the norm. It is more of a university than a true fighter guild, though those that graduate are worthy Knights and fighters.
There are some that are considered supporters. We do not recognize alliances, for those are political and sometimnes abusive. I would ask if yourself, and or your guild would look at our page, and think of becoming a supporter.
Academia For Beginning Knights, we are ranked around 106. this our link, I think:
All this means, is, you, or your guild, would consider a graduate in the future to be a candidate for your guild.
A supporter sometimes reccommends a new Knight to join us, with the hopes of them becoming a better asset.
your friend,

Guys what do you say?
This is the guilds link http://world4.knightfight.co.uk/index.php?ac=showclan&showclanid=656
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PostSubject: Re: Supporting AFBK   Wed Jun 27, 2007 8:13 pm

A little confusing, but I think they have some mehtod of completing their guild, where they graduate, haence get 'kicked out'? but on good terms. Right?

Id say we could always use recruits, but We need to make it a 'lenient' agreement. Like we will seriously consider, but not neccasarily accept, if they are weak, or stinky... But I'd say sure.
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Supporting AFBK
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